Work at Home Secrets – A Review of John Crestani’s Book

Work at Home Secrets – A Review of John Crestani’s Book

Do you want to find out how to stop living paycheck to paycheck and earn an extra income from home? In his book Work at Home Secrets, John Crestani explains how a corporate drone (John himself) beat the odds and took control of his income and how you can too!

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What is Work at Home Secrets?

Work at Home Secrets is a workbook that consists of eleven chapters, going over several Work-at-Home opportunities (both scams and legit ones) and introducing the reader to Affiliate Marketing.

John Crestani with Chris Hansen, Work at Home Secrets & Scams
John Crestani (right) together with Chris Hansen

The goal of the book is to create a home-based income of $2,500 per month using this method. Affiliate Marketing can be done from anywhere in the world and regardless of age, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Chapter 1: Who is John Crestani?

Get to know the author of Work at Home Secrets and how he became a successful internet marketer and super affiliate.

Chapter 2: My Top 8 Work-From-Home Scams

Discover some of the methods you need to avoid, including Free PayPal Money, Cryptocurrencies, and Online Surveys.

Chapter 3: The Secrets of Scammers

Learn how to identify those scams yourself by studying the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer on those dubious sales pages.

Chapter 4: Legitimate Work-From-Home Opportunities

Explore several legitimate ways to make money online, including E-Commerce, Freelancing, and Online Tutoring.

Chapter 5: Affiliate Marketing: The Most Lucrative Work-From-Home Opportunity

Find out how John became a millionaire with Affiliate Marketing, what it exactly is, and why it’s the best way to make money online.

Chapter 6: Using Social Media as a Free Marketing Tool

Social Media Marketing is essential for every business, no matter if you do Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, or anything in between.

Chapter 7: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

See how big Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter really are and what strategies you can use to promote your business on these platforms.

Chapter 8: Quora: The Best and Most Offbeat Way to Market Your Product

Learn how you can use the Q&A site to get more visitors to your website or YouTube channel, just by answering relevant questions related to the product or service you promote.

Chapter 9: Find Your Niche Audience Through Google

Leverage the biggest search engine in the world to locate your potential customers and lead them to your website.

Chapter 10: Why LinkedIn Works

The biggest social media network for professionals can generate lots of traffic to your relevant offers. Discover how to do it in this chapter.

Chapter 11: Final Thoughts

John shares some final thoughts and thanks you for reading his book.

Quora and LinkedIn are two powerful platforms that are not really talked about by affiliate marketers, so it’s great to see them included in this book.

To make sure readers really get the most out of every chapter, John has also included video tutorials with extra hints and strategies.

What else is included with John Crestani’s book?

John has included several bonuses with his book Work at Home Secrets:

  • Website Builder
  • Advertising Credits
  • Business Mentor
  • Weekly Expert Webinars
Chris Hansen, Work at Home Secrets

It’s hard to over-emphasize the importance of research when embarking on a work at home business and this book is a great place to start.

Chris Hansen

TV Journalist

The bonuses allow you to get started right away: A website for your new business, advertising credits for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and access to his team of business mentors that will guide you on your journey.

Finally, you will receive 30-day access to the weekly Internet Jetset training. This is where you will not only learn more about Affiliate Marketing but also other Work-from-Home opportunities such as Amazon FBA, selling eBooks, or starting a Social Media Agency.

Who is the Author of Work at Home Secrets?

John Crestani is an internet marketer and highly successful with Affiliate Marketing. He was featured by well-known media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, CBS, and Fox News. Most recently, he could be seen on the Netflix documentary Money, Explained.

For this book, John teamed up with TV journalist Chris Hansen (whom you might know from one of his NBC shows, To Catch a Predator).

Together they investigated the secrets and scams out there when it comes to making money online and working from home.

John is also the creator of Super Affiliate System, a course for those who want to take Affiliate Marketing to the next level with paid advertisements.

How much is Work at Home Secrets?

As of July 2021, Work at Home Secrets and all the bonuses included are selling for $79.95.

The advertising credits alone are worth $175, so this is definitely a great deal for everyone who wants to get started with Affiliate Marketing. And if the book isn’t what you expect, you are backed by the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Want to get started right now? Consider John Crestani’s free training.

What is your favorite way to make money online? Did you ever get scammed? Let us know in the comments!



Helo my name is Dorothy MooreI purchased your book a few months back and I have yet to receive it was wondering who I need to contact to find out what is going on?

Hello Dorothy, thanks for reaching out! I’m a customer just like you who ordered the book and wrote a review about it. So you would please have to contact Amazon or whomever you bought the book from. Hopefully, it will be delivered to you soon and you’ll enjoy reading it!

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