Who is Russell Brunson, The Guy Who Once Made $3,000,000 in 90 Minutes?

Who is Russell Brunson, The Guy Who Once Made $3,000,000 in 90 Minutes?

Russell Brunson is one of the most popular online marketers in the world and the co-founder of ClickFunnels. How did he become the guy that creates sales funnels for Tony Robbins and once made $3,000,000 in 90 minutes on stage? Learn more about Russell, his techniques, and where to get his books for free in this post.

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Who is Russell Brunson?

Early Life

Russell was born in Utah on March 8th, 1980.

He became interested in advertising and marketing already as a 12-year-old kid. According to him, the commercials he would see on TV or hear on the radio were more entertaining to him than the actual shows.

Russell went on to become a state champion wrestler in High School and graduated from college as one of the top ten wrestlers in the United States.

First Steps as an Online Marketer

Selling his software ZipBrander, a viral marketing tool to generate targeted traffic and increase conversion rates, was Russell’s first successful online marketing project.

Russell Brunson speaking on stage
Russell Brunson speaking at a ClickFunnels event

In 2005, Russell created an instructional course called “How To Create A Potato Gun”. He successfully promoted a potato gun kit, which included all the supplies needed, as an upsell to the DVD. Just one year after graduating from college, he had already made his first million dollars.

He improved his skills and used Affiliate Marketing to sell everything from courses to supplements. But Russell soon realized that using the software available at the time was not ideal for creating his sales funnels as cheap, fast, and easy as possible.

Co-Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels

Together with his partner Todd Dickerson, Russell co-founded ClickFunnels in October 2014 and helped popularize the concept of sales funnels. In fact, he became so successful at creating funnels that people like Tony Robbins let him build funnels for them.

Russell Brunson explaining sales funnels

Within just three years, the company became #76 on the INC 500 list and the #7 fastest growing software company according to Forbes. Also in the first three years, sales on ClickFunnels reached $100,000,000 (that’s one hundred million).

Russell Brunson Today

Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs over the past 15 years. He was featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS, and other popular media outlets.

His company ClickFunnels has over 100,000 active users as of April 2020, generated more than 700 millionaires, and is the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world (according to Russell himself).

Russell Brunson’s Books

Russell has sold over 400,000 copies of his marketing books, teaching others how to duplicate his success. And the best part, he is currently giving away some of his books for free!

DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson, over 1,000 ratings on Amazon
DotCom Secrets received over 1,000 reviews on Amazon so far

His book DotCom Secrets boasts more than 1,000 reviews for an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon at the time of writing, while Expert Secrets is currently the #1 Best Seller in the Small Business category.

Traffic Secrets is Russell’s latest book and was just released on May 5th. Other books written by Russell include Unlock The Secrets, Network Marketing Secrets, The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, 108 Proven Split-Test Winners, and Lead Funnels.

DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets – The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels has sold over 250,000 copies and is a USA Today and Amazon best-selling book. Dotcom Secrets is also available as an audiobook.

What is DotCom Secrets About? A Summary

In DotCom Secrets, Russell reveals the exact funnel strategy ClickFunnels used to grow over 4,232% in just three years and hit #76 on the INC 500 list, all without taking on any outside capital.

Why You Should Read DotCom Secrets

Low traffic and weak conversion rates are often symptoms of a much bigger problem that prevent you from growing your business online.

In DotCom Secrets, you will learn about 28 different secrets, including:

  • Which exact strategies, processes, funnels, and scripts Russell used to scale his companies
  • How to guide customers from low-cost products to high-end backend packages
  • The technique ClickFunnels uses to outspend all competitors and run paid ads… without an ad budget!

It includes a foreword by Russell’s mentor Dan Kennedy, who is the founder of Magnetic Marketing and author of several books including The Ultimate Sales Letter.

Where to Get DotCom Secrets For Free

To celebrate the launch of his latest book Traffic Secrets, Russell is currently giving away DotCom Secrets for free – all you need to do is pay a tiny shipping charge! The book is also available as an eBook for Kindle on Amazon.

Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets – The Underground Playbook for Converting Your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers is another great Russell Brunson book and sold over 225,000 copies so far. Expert Secrets is also available as an audiobook.

What is Expert Secrets About? A Summary

This book is a behind the scenes of more than 6,000,000 funnels and over 130,000 split tests. In Expert Secrets, Russell explains the set of patterns that make up the difference between a funnel that’s generating some sales and a funnel that is actually making money, and how to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Why You Should Read Expert Secrets

The book includes the step-by-step strategies you need to master the art of being an expert, changing the lives of your customers, and thereby growing your business.

Each and every one of us has a unique talent and can use this skill to change lives for the better, Russell says.

Reading his book Expert Secrets will give you access to 19 secrets and will help you:

  • Understand the patterns all successful experts use in their funnels, despite being from different niches
  • Finding your voice and master the art of being an expert
  • Build a tribe of people whose lives you can change and will become loyal customers

It includes a foreword by Garrett J. White, founder of the Wake Up Warrior Movement and author of the best-selling book Be the Man.

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson, #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Small Business
Expert Secrets is currently the #1 Best Seller in the Small Business category

Where to Get Expert Secrets For Free

To celebrate the launch of his latest book Traffic Secrets, Russell is currently giving away Expert Secrets for free – all you need to do is pay a tiny shipping charge! The book is also available as an eBook for Kindle on Amazon.

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets – The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers is Russell Brunson’s latest book and just got released on May 5th.

Traffic Secrets is also available as an audiobook. You can even listen to Russell reading the first chapter for free:

Russell Brunson reading from Traffic Secrets, Into & Secret #1 – The Dream 100

What is Traffic Secrets About? A Summary

In Traffic Secrets, Russell reveals the fundamental direct marketing techniques that helped ClickFunnels grow their traffic to over 20,000,000 visitors a year and how they use several traffic streams to acquire ClickFunnels trail customers for free instead of losing money on ads. (Hint: Books are one of those traffic streams).

Why You Should Read Traffic Secrets

The perfect funnel is worth nothing without potential customers visiting it or even knowing about it. So how do you get the right (more likely to convert) traffic without spending tons of money on paid advertising on Facebook or Google?

Traffic Secrets will teach you 20 secrets, including:

  • How to fill your funnel with ideal customers
  • How to drive attention to your main product using other products, services, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other platforms
  • How to master emerging tactics before most people even know they exist

It includes a foreword by Dean Graziosi, the New York Times best-selling author of Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity.

Russell Brunson reading from Traffic Secrets, Secret #10 – Instagram

Where to Get Traffic Secrets For Free

Russell is currently giving away Traffic Secrets for free – all you need to do is pay a tiny shipping charge! The book is also available as an eBook for Kindle on Amazon.

Unlock the Secrets

Unlock the Secrets – Your Underground Playbook for Scaling Your Company to the “Two Comma Club” and Beyond is a 600-page workbook created to help readers implement and execute all the information they learned from the Secrets Trilogy.

Revealed at Funnel Hacking Live, Unlock the Secrets is unfortunately not available on its own. Instead, you need to buy the complete Secrets Trilogy consisting of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets before you get the chance to get your hands on Unlock the Secrets.

Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets – The Secret Marketing Strategy to Getting the RIGHT People Into Your Downline will help you get more super-interested leads for your expansion.

The book was published in 2018 and is a shortcut to building your team as quickly as you want, using the three funnels that Network Marketing companies so successfully use offline – but seem to have forgotten online.

The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

This Russell Brunson book is a great resource for beginners and advanced funnel designers alike and contains actionable funnel recipes for webinars, video sales letters (VSLs), and more.

After reading The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, you will be able to

  • Understand the elements of sales funnels
  • Decide which funnel is the right one for you
  • Create your first funnel within hours

108 Proven Split-Test Winners

Published in 2019, 108 Proven Split-Test Winners is based on results from real conversion split-testing by Russell and contains 108 simple tweaks to improve conversions.

This book will help you understand what works and what doesn’t on the internet. Use it as a shortcut and set up your funnel the right way instead of wasting time and money.

Lead Funnels

Lead Funnels is a swipe file available for download. You will find more than 100 lead generation funnel templates in this eBook.

Russell Brunson’s Courses

Russell is very active within ClickFunnels and hosts webinars and courses regularly, one of them being the popular One Funnel Away Challenge.

He is also featured alongside Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi in The Knowledge Broker Blueprint, a course teaching how to create membership and professional workshops.

One Funnel Away Challenge

“You suddenly lose everything… What would you do from day 1 to day 30 to save yourself?” This is what this challenge is about.

One Funnel Away Challenge
One Funnel Away is a 30 day challenge hosted by Russell and two other coaches

Hosted by Russell himself, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen, the One Funnel Away Challenge is a very popular 30 days coaching and training course.

It will teach you how to build converting funnels and market them to the right audience that is ready to buy. The challenge forces you to get your first (or next) funnel built.

10X Secrets Masterclass

Russell created this course after making $3,000,000 in 90 minutes. That’s right. Watch the video from Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference below, it’s worth your time:

Russell Brunson speaking at 10X Growth Con in 2018

And in this masterclass, Russell will show you step-by-step how he did it and how you can improve your performance on stage dramatically.

Funnel Builder Secrets

This is rather a package than a course. Not only will you get training on everything you need to know about sales funnels in Funnel Builder Secrets, but also a ClickFunnels subscription so you can immediately put your knowledge to action.

Russell Brunson’s Events

If you want to book Russell Brunson for your next conference, it will set you back at least $500,000. Luckily for the rest of us, there are two events where you can see Russell perform live for way less money:

Funnel Hacking Live

This is an annual event hosted by the team behind ClickFunnels. Over four days, some of the best online marketers in the world including Russell teach their secrets about sales funnels to several thousands of participants.

Keynote speakers for Funnel Hacking Live 2020 included:

  • Prince EA
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Tom Bilyeu
  • Tony Robbins

Funnel Hacking Live 2021 is set to take place in Nashville, Tennessee on March 9th – 12th.

10X Growth Conference

While the 10X Growth Conference is organized by Grant Cardone, Russell is a regular at this annual event. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to watch Russell’s performance at the 2018 edition in the video above – he made $3,000,000 in those 90 minutes.

Podcast & Blog

Both Russell Brunson’s weekly podcast and his blog are called Marketing Secrets.

Did you ever wonder how in today’s world of expensive advertising, you could market your products and services and still remain profitable? That is the main question Russell wants to answer.

Other topics covered in Russell’s podcast and blog include funnels, mindset, and motivation.

You can listen to Russell’s podcast here:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Play
  • Spotify

His blog can be found here.

Social Media


Russell Brunson and his company ClickFunnels are also involved in philanthropic efforts. Every time a sales funnel goes live, ClickFunnels donate to Village Impact (formerly known as World Teacher Aid). This money helps to build schools throughout Kenya.

Russell Brunson visiting children in Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Russell Brunson?

Russell was born in Provo, Utah on March 8th, 1980. He is therefore 40 years old.

Where does Russell Brunson live?

Russell lives with his wife Collette and their five children in Boise, Idaho.

How much is Russell Brunson worth?

Having never raised outside money, there is no valuation of ClickFunnels readily available. But with 100,000 paying customers the company is making a few million dollars in revenue. Russell Brunson also rakes in $500,000 per speaking engagement, so it’s safe to say his net worth should be eight-figures.

Besides Russell Brunson, who are your favorite online marketers? Who did you learn the most from? Let us know in the comments!


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