IMJetset Training: Make Money In Just 2 Hours? (Review)

IMJetset Training: Make Money In Just 2 Hours? (Review)

Are you just getting started with Affiliate Marketing? Do you have no money to spend on ads to drive traffic to your offers? Then John Crestani’s IMJetset (now a part of the Super Affiliate System Pro) might just be the right training for you.

IMJetset Review Summary

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Content Quality
Ease of Use
Support / Community
Pricing / Refund Policy


– Content Quality: The top 3 free traffic methods (Google, YouTube, Facebook) are covered. Could be updated more regularly though

– Ease of Use: Easy to digest videos, split into 11 modules. (Look at some embedded videos in this post to get an idea of how John teaches)

– Support / Community: Mostly through the forum and Facebook group, FAQ and email support also available

– Pricing / Refund Policy: $47, which is not a lot compared to other online marketing courses. Free Training available

Verdict: Recommended for those who are complete beginners and have no money to invest in ads.


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What is IMJetset?

IMJetset (which stands for Internet Marketing Jetset and is also referred to as Internet Jetset) is an internet marketing course that is suited for those who are just getting started with Affiliate Marketing and want to generate free traffic using SEO, Video Marketing on YouTube, or posting on Facebook.

Some ideas where you could you post your links and generate free traffic

You will also learn other essential stuff such as how to choose an affiliate program, find a niche or product to promote, set up a WordPress site, learn the basics of copywriting, and more.

Earn money within two hours of signing up?

One of the first things you will do is get your first commission within two hours. That’s right, two hours. You will sign up for Amazon Associates, write a short book review with your affiliate link in it, and then post a link to your review on Facebook.

Now is that exact method scalable? Probably not. Your friends will get annoyed by your posts and there are only so many friends you have, unless you are an influencer with a huge following on Social Media.

IMJetset / Internet Jetset Dashboard
The Internet Jetset dashboard

But it’s a great way to get started and keep you motivated throughout the course, especially for those who are new to Affiliate Marketing.

Learn How to Become an Amazon Affiliate in our guide.

What’s included in IMJetset?

Here is what you can expect inside of the training:

The Online Business Blueprint

This is an introduction to Affiliate Marketing. You will get some information on how to find products to promote and recommend to other people, getting traffic to your offers, and hear about automation.

Introduction to the Internet Jetset

Now this is where it gets interesting. You will try to make your first commission within just two hours (see above). John will also get you in the right mindset for your new life as an online entrepreneur, talking about important things like the “Shiny Object Syndrome” and “Why People Fail”.

Choosing Your Niche

After John tells you about his own story, it’s finally time to choose your niche and learn which kind of offers you should promote. You will also get a list of affiliate networks to join.


The first free traffic method you will learn about is Google. John will show you profitable review sites in various niches. After that, you will dive into Google Keyword Planner and learn some keyword research techniques.


Next up is the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube. People watch more and more videos, so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. How to create an eye-catching thumbnail, how to write optimized video descriptions, it’s all in here.


In this module, you will learn how to generate free traffic using the largest social media network in the world, Facebook. But John also explains that organic reach for brands is getting lower and advises you to get into Facebook Ads as soon as you can.

Your Website

Don’t have a website yet? Let Ashley Coombe teach you everything you need to know about creating your very own website with WordPress. You will also learn why your “About” page is so important, which plugins are the best, and much more.

Copywriting Basics

Now that you’ve got your website up and running, it’s time to fill it with content that converts. This skill is called copywriting and is taught by Ronnie Sandlin, one of John’s successful students.

Launch Jacking

It can be hard to compete with other affiliates that already have established websites and email lists. Pyong Kim teaches one of the best ways to do so: By promoting brand new products, a technique known as Launch Jacking.

Authority Review Sites

Another great way to compete with bigger, more established websites is to become an authority in your niche. You will learn how to become one in this module taught by Donny Gamble.

Facebook Ads for Affiliates

Now you will find out more about Facebook Ads from Carlos Cruz, who makes up to $1,000 in profit per day selling flashlights. He will show you how his landing pages and ads evolved until he reached that figure.

The 12-Week Super Affiliate System

Finally, you will be introduced to the Super Affiliate System. This is John’s advanced course which focuses on paid advertising.

Sounds interesting? Then why not sign up for the free training?

No Credit Card required.

IMJetset Upsells

Internet Jetset comes with three upsells, one of them being the Super Affiliate System (link to our review below). Let’s have a look at the other two:

JetsetLIVE Webinars

If you want access to John’s monthly webinars, this subscription is for you. John will go over his students’ campaigns and landing pages and help improve them.

You will also get the latest updates and insights on affiliate marketing from one of the most established players in this field. Replays are available as well.

Affiliate Interviews

This upsell contains interviews, case studies, and webinars from successful affiliate marketers. What better way to learn Affiliate Marketing than from those who are already making lots of money with it? Videos include:

  • John about selling skincare products online
  • John about promoting gold investments on Google
  • Ronnie Sandlin about Black Hat Copywriting
  • Taylor Barr about creating a passive, 5-figure income
  • Carlos Cruz about selling flashlights online

What’s the difference between IMJetset and Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System PRO is more advanced and focused on paid traffic, while IMJetset is geared towards beginners and generating free traffic.

IMJetset is also available separately as a monthly subscription. If you are only interested in generating free traffic and don’t mind the time it will take you to rank organically, you might want to opt for this course instead.

IMJetset Coach

Your main coach at IMJetset is John Crestani, the author of Work at Home: Secrets & Scams.

John is a highly successful affiliate and was featured in Forbes (“How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World“), Business Insider, Inc., Yahoo Finance, and several other established media outlets.

John Crestani, creator of IMJetset / Internet Jetset
Internet Jetset creator John Crestani, shot by Brian To. Source:

Other coaches you will learn from in this course are:

  • Ashley Coombe
  • Ronnie Sandlin
  • Pyong Kim
  • Donny Gamble
  • Carlos Cruz

IMJetset Free Training

Ready to sign up for IMJetset? You can get a peek inside the program without spending a dime!

Simply sign up for the free training webinar and decide if the Internet Jetset program and John Crestani are a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IMJetset legit?

IMJetset is a legit affiliate marketing course teaching free traffic methods. Owner and coach John Crestani is a successful affiliate who was featured in Forbes, Inc., Yahoo Finance, and other media outlets.

How long is the IMJetset Webinar?

The IMJetset webinar / free training is more than 2 hours long and is hosted by John Crestani himself.

IMJetset Login

You can find the IMJetset Login here.

IMJetset Sign Up

You can sign up for the IMJetset free training here.


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